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You've got a successful business, with an established customer base. But growth is slowing, and you need a way to get the most out of your too-limited resources.

You're not alone. The challenge of serving existing customers while trying to establish new products and services is well-documented as the Innovator's Dilemma.

You don't have time (or resources) to waste. So don't. Hire a team who's experienced in identifying gaps in the market, designing solutions and testing them with customers.

Large corporations are heavily investing in dedicated innovation teams. They want to move fast, like startups. You should too.

But you don't need to hire a full-time staff, we'll help you when and where you need it to figure out what new product or service can give you a better foothold in the market.

We've done it before, and we want to do it again. Let's work together.

The Frameplay Approach to Innovation

The Frameplay approach to new innovation is based on Design Thinking. Design Thinking is about discovering solutions that are desirable, technically feasible, and financially viable.

There are three distinct phases in the design thinking process: Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation.

Here at Frameplay, we focus on helping our clients through these phases, to ensure their projects have the highest likelihood of success.

Our Services

Jobs-to-be-Done Interviews

In-depth interviews with customers surface the progress they want to make; giving you insights into how to make them successful.

Gamestorming/ Ideation Workshops

Want to engage your organization in creative idea generation or evaluation? Workshops can be held in person or remotely.

Design Sprints

These week-long workshops go from problem discovery to solution generation, prototyping and testing. We've seen tremendous success using design sprints for new product design.

Innovation Program Development

Don't want to rely on external consultants forever? We can work with you to design and implement your own internal innovation program, based on your organizational goals and resources.

Kind Words From Those We've Worked With Before

Jon Kerry-Tyerman
VP, Everlaw

A key leader within the Core Innovation team at LexisNexis, Andrea helped define and develop the next generation of our flagship products and services. I'm consistently impressed with the breadth of her expertise, her focus and flexibility, her passion for all things innovation and UX, and her ability to find solutions before others have even recognized the problem. She also manages to be both a consummate professional and fun to work with, a delicate and rare balance!

Beth Toeniskoetter
Manager, ReadyTalk

Within a week's time, Andrea guided her team through a design sprint that helped us identify a new role for our teams to target (content marketers), what concepts were important to them from a data perspective, and perhaps most importantly, prototypes of how the key customer wanted to visualize the data from their webinar. Our product and engineering teams ended up pulling this concept around data intelligence into our newly launched platform.

Jennifer Stevenson
Sr. Director, Velocify

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea on testing a new product concept at LexisNexis. She is a marvelous collaborator—fully engaged and excited to get into the weeds of translating customers' unmet needs into tomorrow's products. Andrea's upbeat nature, openness and sense of humor make her a joy to work with!

Luke Evans
Engineer, Promontech

I worked directly with Andrea on an internal innovation team. We were tasked with following "Lean" principles to validate adjacent markets. Working with her helped teach me to think about problems in fresh and novel ways - never simply accepting the status quo. She brings a well-rounded and contagious attitude about her work every day, and it inspires everyone she talks to. I truly miss working with her.


Andrea Hill

Principal Innovation Consultant

Andrea Hill serves as the Principal Innovation Consultant at Frameplay. She brings over 15 years of experience designing, developing and managing new product and launches across a variety of industries. Prior to launching Frameplay, Andrea was the Manager of Innovation Strategy at a 150-person telecommunications provider, where she established their innovation practice. She also has experience as an intrapreneur running a lean startup, and as a strategist advising socially responsible businesses.

Andrea holds an MBA in strategy and entrepreneurship from University of Colorado - Boulder, a master's degree in computer science from Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio) and bachelor's degrees from Franklin University and University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada).

Andrea is a firm believer in sharing her experience and giving back through speaking and mentorship. Some of her speaking engagements have included: SxSW Interactive, the Lean Startup Conference and the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. She also finds time to support the local startup community, and has served as an organizer and mentor for numerous Startup Weekends across Colorado.

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys reading, training for marathons, and spending time with her wife and two cats in their home in Denver, CO.

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