The Frameplay approach to innovation takes its inspiration from Design Thinking. It incorporates aspects of the Lean Startup and User-Centered Design.

We have also developed our own tools and frameworks to guide our engagements.

Frameplay Innovation Readiness Model (FIRM)

We have created an assessment tool for organizations who are looking into increasing their commitment to innovation.

The model maps the organization’s current competencies ¬†across the five key areas that make up a successful innovation program. It also incorporates organizational values and overall objectives to bring in the right combination of activities and structure to ensure success.

The assessment can also be revisited periodically to monitor progress.


‘Critical Questions’ is a simple flow that lets teams identify the best discovery or decision-making techniques to employ, based on the level of uncertainty in the project. It’s easy for a team to get into a groove and use familiar toolkits and approaches, without considering if it’s the best tool for the job.

‘Critical Questions’ takes just a moment for a team to put in place, and helps build alignment and establish a plan of action.