Need Help Recruiting Beta Users for an MVP You’re Testing?

If you conduct any sort of customer research, chances are you’re spending too much time finding interviewees, and want to find a better way.

One platform we’ve used both to recruit and to test new products ourselves is Erlibird.

ErliBird gives you the power to beta test with real people in real environments and collect on-demand user feedback for Android, iOS, websites, and tech products. Powered by a global community of 100,000 real-world testers.

Good for: Usability testing (especially for tech products)

Already have an MVP or product you want to get feedback on? ErliBird will connect you with users to give your app a spin and provide feedback.

ErliBird incentivizes users to try the service and provide feedback. As a result, you run the risk of having “professional testers” try your product, so they may not truly have the problem you’re seeking to solve, or people who are more technically savvy than average.

Erlibird is just one of the 10 methods we suggest in our guide “Recruiting for Customer Research (2017 Edition)”. For the other nine, simply complete the form below and we’ll send it along.

Easier, Faster Recruitment for Customer and User Research

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